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Students’ Response – Pre-Trip Preparations

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

This time last year the Emerge team were making preparations for the YWAM NZ Ship Tour where we spent several months presenting in schools, churches, youth groups, home groups and even to a couple of artist groups. There were many encouraging stories that came from the experience, but one of the highlights would have to be a group of high school students who seemed to be growing in their understanding of missions and showed a real desire to put it into practice.

One year on, this group of students is making preparations of their own. They’re about to head off on a trip facilitated by Missions Adventures, a short-term program designed to give youth hands-on experience. We thought it would be cool to track their journey, and hear some of their expectations, impressions and reflections. Here are a few thoughts from one of the students as they make preparations to go.

“While I feel a trifle unprepared, my excitement and anticipation for this trip is growing. I’ve been concentrating on exams for the last month, but with my last one tomorrow the imminence of our departure this Saturday is beginning to dawn on me. I’m grateful I get to spend my last holidays as a schoolgirl in a third world country with fellow students. For me, this trip comes exactly a year after a similar one to Vanuatu with my church. I’m glad to have had this experience, from it I have a better understanding of how to mentally approach such a trip. To begin with, in Vanuatu, I spent a few days very focused on how I felt about what was happening and the sheer shock of living in a very different situation. On this trip I hope to shift my focus onto what is happening around me and the needs of others instead… and focus on the positives and the knowledge that God has a plan and is a God of love. I have read [one book] and have another book to read which includes the memoirs of the … genocide survivors. I found the book horrifying in many ways and so I feel quite apprehensive about what I will be exposed to over there. I know that I will see poverty like I have never been before and I’m sure that, as a group, it will be difficult to not feel guilty at the contrast between our lives and their lives. I hope that this trip will invigorate each one of us to live a life that is generous and mindful of the blessings we have.”

HL – High school student


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