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Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

In this article we thought we’d take the opportunity to share some encouraging reports on how media is being used in innovative ways to share the good news of Jesus, in countries with limited evangelistic resources. Below is a report that was included in the latest Create International newsletter (August 2011) which shares testimonies from workers in Indonesia and Thailand about how evangelistic films are having a dramatic impact on the lives of those who watch them.

Recently, we heard that our evangelistic film for the Sasak – ‘Irun’s Dream’ (1995) continues to bear fruit 16 years later! Workers are now actively distributing it via mobile phones.

‘In one village there was a man who has been having dreams about Jesus, and after watching the film, he decided that he would make a decision to follow Jesus! We want to encourage you guys—keep making the films! We are using them, and they are having an effect. People are listening and they like to watch them.’

—Missionary in Indonesia

Our most recent evangelistic film, ’When Storms Come’ (2011) for the Northern Thai, has been widely endorsed.

‘This film is a great example of how a gospel presentation could be done so naturally and specifically for a culture.’

‘Everyone has been impressed with the quality of the production, acting, settings—all very accurate and truly Northern Thai. The Gospel is clearly and simply stated, and the story is very powerful. New believers especially understood the meaning, and thought it was a beautiful expression of thankfulness to God. Buddhists have openly cried as they were touched by several dramatic scenes of ‘power encounters.’ …

—Field workers and churches in Thailand”

It’s encouraging to hear how God is using resources like these to effectively communicate the His story cross-culturally. If you’re interested in reading other testimonies or finding other resources that are available, check out Create Internationals Evangelistic Videos online.

AW – Create Emerge


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