*These websites (active as of 09/08) are a sampling of suggested places for you to start your research. Create Emerge does not take responsibility for the listed organizations’ beliefs and practices.



Get Informed

Inspiring stories happen every day, but we don't hear so much about them on the news. So, where do you go to hear these stories and find out about what God is doing behind the scenes? Well, the Create Emerge team have a list of great missions news, magazine, podcast & blog sites to get you started.

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Every year, thousands of teams set off on short term trips to share the gospel. Language and cultural barriers can make clear communication of the gospel incredibly difficult. What if we could equip them to witness in an engaging and culturally relevant way? Equip makes sure to provide outreach teams with the tools and information necessary for them to be as effective as possible for the time they are on the field.

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Get Resourced

If you are involved in frontier missions, or you're preparing to go on a short term missions trip, you'll be aware of the challenges that are involved. You may find yourself asking questions like "How do I communicate the Gospel when I don't speak the language of the people I'm trying to reach? What are the cultural differences that I should be aware of? What resources are availble to help me reach out to this specific people group?"

> Get Resourced



Reverse the Curse - Marion

"...RTC currently employs 25 landmine victims who are viewed in Cambodian society as having got what they deserve through karma and most often end up begging on the street or making next to nothing in some sort of labour. Not long after beginning this project a few years ago, her staff began to ask about Jesus, and soon they were asking her about having a church. Now, most of her staff are coming back to their place of work on Sunday mornings for a church service, and deeper transformation is taking place..."

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Get Trained

So you've heard the need and want to get out there and make a difference. Now you're thinking that it could be helpful to do a little preparation, learn some skills, and get some training. But where do you start?

> Get Trained



Not For Sale

"...our team has recently found out about Not For Sale, which is a campaign to fight the global slave trade and end human trafficking. Not for Sale is conducting a tour called Stop Paying for Slavery which is a multidimensional, multimedia, multi-day experience aiming to bring together education, law enforcement, faith communities, corporations, consumers and all justice seekers in the fight to end modern-day slavery..."

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Get Activated

It seems that the emerging generation is becoming a lot more aware of social justice issues. That's a good thing - however It doesn't take much to feel overwhelmed by the transformation that needs to take place. So, what can we do to make a difference?

> Get Activated



Art in Missions

"...I've always loved to draw, paint and create things and it came pretty naturally for me. I continued to develop drawing skills throughout my childhood and teen years. It's quite sad to admit but probably 50% of the time I spent learning to draw was during Math, Science and English class. I had this idea that I was going to be an animator or a children's book illustrator someday and figured I didn't need to worry about subjects that weren't relevant to my future..."

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Get Going

If you have a desire to get into missions, but are a little overwhelmed by the options and aren't sure what your next step should be, we have some good news: the Create Emerge team have put in the hard yards, done a bunch of research, and put together a selection of missions opportunity sites to get you started.

> Get Going



Music in Missions

"...I didn't just join this team because of the opportunity to make music. I joined because God, through this team, was opening my heart up to his love for me, and consequently for the world. I didn’t have a lot of passion for the Kingdom or a clear idea of what it was all about when I first joined, but through the relationships that were formed around a great purpose, I couldn’t help but eventually begin to get energized by the Perpetrator towards the purpose of bringing the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven..."

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Being Frank - Documentary

You may have read in the blog article 'Being Frank' that the Create Emerge team recently spent three weeks in India filiming the story of Prem Sewa school and hostel. We have hopes of producing a full length Documentary, but for now we've put together a 16min preview called 'Being Frank - The Story of Prem Sewa Shikshan Sangh'. This video is currently being shown in churches throughout Canada by Prem Sewa Director Bapu as he travels from Quebec to British Columbia. Stay tuned for the completion of the full length documentary - Coming 2011- we hope :)

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"...Create Emerge and Mennonite Brethren Mission and Service International (MBMSI) have partnered to create a short 12min documentary called 'East West' that focuses on the partnerships between believers from the East and the West as they join together with a powerful vision to see God's Kingdom advance in South Asia. 'East West' is going to be screened throughout Canada over the next few months as part of MBMSI's Celebrate Mission Nights..."

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M2G | Promo Video

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Media2Go Thailand 2013 | Promo from Create Emerge on Vimeo.

Want to blend your interest in visual storytelling with your passion for global mission? Create Emerge is extending an invitation to mission-minded videographers, photographers, wannabes and the like, to join us for 7 weeks of hands-on training centred around a docu-trip experience in Asia.  Join us for Media2Go, Thailand 2013. Check out the M2G promo video to find out more.

Read student testimonies | View video projects | Read more


AW & KB – Create Emerge


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Media2Go | Thailand 2013

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Are you a budding videographer? Like to get into editing short videos and documentaries? Looking for a way to empower your passion for mission with hands-on training and experience in video production? Why not join us for Media2Go 2013?

What is Media2Go?

Media2Go is a 6-7 week intensive media course and field assignment developed, facilitated, and staffed by Create Emerge (Create International).

M2G is a ‘feet-wetting’ experience in all aspects of documentary film-making—camera technique, audio, scripting and editing—geared towards individuals with a desire to document stories of transformation throughout the world.

M2G will provide an opportunity to experience working in a team environment, maximizing creative potential by blending complementary skills and giftings.


2 Weeks Pre-Trip Training | Chiang Mai, Thailand

2 Weeks Docu-Trip | SE Asia*

3 Weeks Post-Production | Chiang Mai, Thailand
* most likely destination

Topics we’ll be covering

  • Pre-Production/Pre-Trip Planning (developing story and creative concepts, shot-lists, equipment operation, interviewing basics)
  • Video Camera Operation (types of shots, movement mechanics, camera operation basics)
  • Audio (use of microphones, on-field audio basics)
  • Photography (composition, basic lighting and camera techniques)
  • Post-Production (storytelling in editing, creative editing, use of music, understanding formats, Final Cut Pro basics)
  • Creating With God (role of prayer and team process)
  • Biblical Understanding of Holistic Mission (identifying and advocating for the vulnerable, isolated and oppressed;  big picture story of what God’s doing in the world)
  • Understanding Mobilisation(elements of presentation, use of media)


March 24 – May 10, 2013


Create International Thailand | Chiang Mai, Thailand


Highly recommended: laptop with video editing software and digital camcorder or digital SLR camera.


60,000* THB | Thai Baht  (approx. $2010 USD as of January 17th 2013) Currency Conversion
Cost includes all course fees, food & accommodation, and outreach transportation + ground costs.

* Could be higher if docu-trip outreach is beyond SE Asia.


Scholarships Available:

Create Emerge offers some scholarships to married couples and students with citizenship in World B & C countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, South Africa, Nigeria, India, and China.  Please contact info@create-emerge.com for further information.

The Focus

A good story can change your life.  It’s happened to us, and it’s probably happened to you.  We’ve devoted ourselves to creatively telling stories of ordinary heroes who rarely make it into the mainstream media. These are stories of people overcoming in difficult circumstances, refusing to quit, passionately standing on behalf of the ‘weak’, championing others, loving enemies, doing justice, loving mercy, and walking after God… Thousands of stories are out there waiting to be told: stories that challenge, educate, inspire, awaken, and provoke a response.

The world needs more storytellers!

Media2Go Thailand 2013 | Promo from Create Emerge on Vimeo.

Read student testimonies | View video projects

Application Process:

There is no previous YWAM experience required when applying for Media2Go.  So… go for it! Download the  M2G application package (electronically fillable).  Make sure to read through the revised payment instructions on the first page. If you have difficulty viewing the PDF’s try downloading the latest version of Adobe Reader or contact us and request a M2G application form.

Application cut-off: Thursday 28th Feb

M2G application package | Adobe Reader | Contact us


KB & AW– Create Emerge


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Student Testimonies | M2G ’12

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

In April 2012 we ran our first Media2Go documentary training seminar which included a 2 week docu-trip outreach in Cambodia. We had 8 students from 6 nations, coming to us with a wide range of experience in mission and media.

It was an intense couple of months, chockers with teaching, hands-on production experience and a whole lot of doing life together in and out of the classroom. From the streets of Cambodia, to the late nights and early mornings behind the editing suites, Media2Go 2012 culminated in a film fest on the school’s final night, where each student had the opportunity to present their finished project to a jam-packed theatre (our dining hall).

Below is a collection of student testimonies sharing their Media2Go 2012 experience.

“I always liked what Create Emerge Team does. Iʼve been impacted by the presentations, the films, and also the crew I met in 2007. Being in the film industry, I was very interested to see and put in practice Create Emerge methods during Media2Go. Safe, loving, lovely and personal environment, this seminar was a blast, and being able to put in image Christ-impacted life stories has been such a privilege and joyful creative process.”

DDC – France

“The Media2Go course is an absolutely amazing mind-blowing experience! I have never had any previous filmmaking experience before this, and I have probably learned more in the last 6 weeks than I have in one year of school … spiritually, mentally, and physically. Itʼs been a jam-packed 6 weeks of learning, experiencing and growing deeper with Jesus.

…. “I can do all things through him who who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13) The girl that I ended up doing my documentary on would say: “God is not working in your mind box! God is not working in the box!” So true! At times we put God in a little box of what we think He can and canʼt do with us … but the truth of the matter is that God can do things with you that you never thought were possible. He can reveal things about yourself that you didnʼt know were there, He can give you skills in areas that you had no knowledge …”

Jenn – Canada

“I went into Media2Go with little expectation. I understood that it would be a seminar based around understanding some technical basics of media in a Christian context, but didn’t know much more than that. After receiving the topic/teaching schedule for the 6 weeks it was clear that we were in for some intensive learning, both of things we knew about and things we’d never heard of before. The variety was immense as we had up to 3 teachers a day speaking about everything from our personal walk with God, why excellence in Christian media is so important, the proper process of interviewing, technical basics of using a DSLR camera, aspects of sound/audio, being culturally sensitive in what you create, etc, etc. Even as someone who doesn’t see themselves as creating films in the future, it was great to have a more well-rounded understanding of the processes used in film-making and I took away a greater appreciation for the time, energy, prayer and planning that go into a simple 5 minute video.

I don’t think any of us students imagined how much we would learn and what we’d be able to create at the end of 6 weeks. If I were to break down the seminar I would say that weeks 1-2 were intense learning, weeks 3-4 practical application of film production (ours was in Cambodia), and weeks 5-6 more practical application as we worked in post-production; organizing the footage we took, creating scripts from our interviews, and editing an end-project that we epically premiered at an “end of seminar film night”. If you’re interested in a short, non-committal media seminar that is information packed, spiritually focused, has practical application of newly learned skills, want to learn the basics of using art, creativity, and excellence for God’s Kingdom, and wouldn’t mind meeting some like-minded creative people along the way, Media2Go is for you!”

Jillana – Canada

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Momentum Magazine

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

A magazine or e-zine packed with stories, stats, and information to help people build drive, energy, effort, inspiration, power, and strength as they labor to reach the unreached.

See Website

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God Network News

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Tired of listening to the daily stream of bad news in the media? Then check out, God Network News and find out what God is doing to reach the least reached peoples of the world.

See Website

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Mission Frontiers

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

A magazine or e-zine by the US Center for World Mission. Dedicated to calling the Church worldwide to reach unreached peoples while reporting on the amazing things that God has been doing to accomplish his purpose in the nations.

See Website

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