*These websites (active as of 09/08) are a sampling of suggested places for you to start your research. Create Emerge does not take responsibility for the listed organizations’ beliefs and practices.



Get Informed

Inspiring stories happen every day, but we don't hear so much about them on the news. So, where do you go to hear these stories and find out about what God is doing behind the scenes? Well, the Create Emerge team have a list of great missions news, magazine, podcast & blog sites to get you started.

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Every year, thousands of teams set off on short term trips to share the gospel. Language and cultural barriers can make clear communication of the gospel incredibly difficult. What if we could equip them to witness in an engaging and culturally relevant way? Equip makes sure to provide outreach teams with the tools and information necessary for them to be as effective as possible for the time they are on the field.

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Get Resourced

If you are involved in frontier missions, or you're preparing to go on a short term missions trip, you'll be aware of the challenges that are involved. You may find yourself asking questions like "How do I communicate the Gospel when I don't speak the language of the people I'm trying to reach? What are the cultural differences that I should be aware of? What resources are availble to help me reach out to this specific people group?"

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Reverse the Curse - Marion

"...RTC currently employs 25 landmine victims who are viewed in Cambodian society as having got what they deserve through karma and most often end up begging on the street or making next to nothing in some sort of labour. Not long after beginning this project a few years ago, her staff began to ask about Jesus, and soon they were asking her about having a church. Now, most of her staff are coming back to their place of work on Sunday mornings for a church service, and deeper transformation is taking place..."

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Get Trained

So you've heard the need and want to get out there and make a difference. Now you're thinking that it could be helpful to do a little preparation, learn some skills, and get some training. But where do you start?

> Get Trained



Not For Sale

"...our team has recently found out about Not For Sale, which is a campaign to fight the global slave trade and end human trafficking. Not for Sale is conducting a tour called Stop Paying for Slavery which is a multidimensional, multimedia, multi-day experience aiming to bring together education, law enforcement, faith communities, corporations, consumers and all justice seekers in the fight to end modern-day slavery..."

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Get Activated

It seems that the emerging generation is becoming a lot more aware of social justice issues. That's a good thing - however It doesn't take much to feel overwhelmed by the transformation that needs to take place. So, what can we do to make a difference?

> Get Activated



Art in Missions

"...I've always loved to draw, paint and create things and it came pretty naturally for me. I continued to develop drawing skills throughout my childhood and teen years. It's quite sad to admit but probably 50% of the time I spent learning to draw was during Math, Science and English class. I had this idea that I was going to be an animator or a children's book illustrator someday and figured I didn't need to worry about subjects that weren't relevant to my future..."

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Get Going

If you have a desire to get into missions, but are a little overwhelmed by the options and aren't sure what your next step should be, we have some good news: the Create Emerge team have put in the hard yards, done a bunch of research, and put together a selection of missions opportunity sites to get you started.

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Music in Missions

"...I didn't just join this team because of the opportunity to make music. I joined because God, through this team, was opening my heart up to his love for me, and consequently for the world. I didn’t have a lot of passion for the Kingdom or a clear idea of what it was all about when I first joined, but through the relationships that were formed around a great purpose, I couldn’t help but eventually begin to get energized by the Perpetrator towards the purpose of bringing the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven..."

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Being Frank - Documentary

You may have read in the blog article 'Being Frank' that the Create Emerge team recently spent three weeks in India filiming the story of Prem Sewa school and hostel. We have hopes of producing a full length Documentary, but for now we've put together a 16min preview called 'Being Frank - The Story of Prem Sewa Shikshan Sangh'. This video is currently being shown in churches throughout Canada by Prem Sewa Director Bapu as he travels from Quebec to British Columbia. Stay tuned for the completion of the full length documentary - Coming 2011- we hope :)

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"...Create Emerge and Mennonite Brethren Mission and Service International (MBMSI) have partnered to create a short 12min documentary called 'East West' that focuses on the partnerships between believers from the East and the West as they join together with a powerful vision to see God's Kingdom advance in South Asia. 'East West' is going to be screened throughout Canada over the next few months as part of MBMSI's Celebrate Mission Nights..."

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Engage DVD Package – Testimonies

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

Engage is a multimedia package designed to inform, motivate, and enlighten a new generation to engage in the world of missions. Below are some quotes of what others have to say about this mobilisation resource.


“Soon after I arrived home from my DTS in Australia, I started to think about how I should share, not only about DTS and outreach to Cambodia, but also more about unreached people groups and who they really are. I also felt like I should not confine myself with just sharing, but also to challenge my friends to reach out to unreached people groups. The Engage DVD was a great resource and aid to me because it organized key points that I felt I should share with my friends. For example, I learned about God’s heart for the world (nations) as I studied the notes and passages from the Bible included in the package. Another key point, as it is mentioned in the video as well, was the BIG PICTURE and that God is on the move in these places where Jesus is not known.

In conclusion, the Engage package, specifically the notes, helped me build a bridge in the gap there is between what I have witnessed in unreached places and my friends back at home, whether through group gatherings or one-on-one meetings, in an efficient, effective, and organized way that would be easy for the listeners to relate and grasp.”

JK – YWAM Student


“Best missions video we have ever seen… would love to purchase 10 copies and give to pastors that we have relationships with… blessings you guys!”


“I am interested in about 10 copies of Engage. Is there a special price when I order 10 and more copies? I would like for all our Kairos Course Facilitators to have one and use as additional
Missions Mobilisation materials. It is a powerful DVD.”

ED – Kairos


“Hey, I just wanted to drop you a quick line of encouragement to you all. I was watching Engage again last night and was yet again reminded about why I do what I do and why I love doing it so much. I think God reminds me every time time I watch Engage. Thanks guys. I think I have now lost count of how many times I have watched it, yet I never grow tired of seeing it. It’s like it just spurs me on more and more to want to get the word out there and see people mobilised and people reached.”

JH – Create International


“I just wanted to say the Engage DVDs are tremendous. You have done a remarkable job putting all this together.”

DS – The Joshua Project


“…You may be familiar with Create International, in Australia, one of several YWAM ministries that create media tools for evangelism and other purposes. Fairly new on the scene is Create Emerge, a subgroup of this ministry focused more specifically in telling the story of what God’s doing, worldwide, in order to mobilize others.

They’ve put their best stuff together for the rest of us in a two-DVD set distributed through the Create store. You can still get it there and have it shipped worldwide, but now they are offering it to us in North America for US$20. Send an email to Create Emerge for more information.

Many of these videos would work in a variety of contexts, including church services, mission conferences, or small groups, and some have short and long versions. Several music videos round out the list. Play them all together as one, 50-minute presentation or use the pieces separately. I haven’t watched all of it yet but I like what I’ve seen and think you will, too.

These presentations are designed to inform, motivate, and enlighten a new generation to engage in the world of missions. They take viewers on a journey through the world’s challenges and needs and introduces ordinary but inspiring people who have said yes to Jesus and are changing the world…”

Marti Smith – Missions Catalyst e-Magazine – www.missionscatalyst.org


Find out More  | How to Use Engage | Order

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Engage DVD Package

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Engage is a multimedia package designed to inform, motivate, and encourage a new generation to engage in the world of missions. It contains  inspiring missions videos, an informative stats and facts slideshow, comprehensive teaching notes, a booklet which contains the stories behind the stories, and handy hints on how to use these mobilisation resources effectively.


When we watch the news, we get the sense that the world is spinning a little off kilter and out of control. Are any heroes going to fly in and save us? Maybe we should hide under the covers until Jesus comes back. But maybe there’s some good news. Maybe God is moving in difficult places and we just don’t hear about it. Maybe if we all step into position and do our part through praying, giving, sending or even going – we could make a difference. We could bring the Kingdom to the hurting and broken of this world.

In 2007, a small team travelled the east coast of Australia presenting good news reports, the voices of modern day ‘ordinary heroes’, along with stats and facts on how we’re doing as a body of believers. We hope this media package, inspired by the Voices Tour, will help to inform and motivate a new generation to engage in a world with a desperate need for the Kingdom to come.


Disc 1

Engage – Voices Full Presentation

A 50 minute video presentation that will take you on a ‘big picture’ journey presenting the needs and challenges in the world today, and show how we’re doing as the church in meeting those needs. Hear encouraging stories of what God is doing in the places we usually only hear bad news about, and meet some inspiring people who have said the 100% ‘yes’ to Jesus; impacting the planet one day at a time.

Disc 2

Engage – Voices Short Presentations

For a shorter time slot, use one of the three 20 minute video presentations that also represent the ‘big picture’ of missions, but feature only one missions story each. Another alternative is to use one of the Engage – Bonus Videos as a stand alone.

Engage – Slideshow Presentations & Teaching Notes

This is a supplementary tool for teaching the stats and facts of world missions in a classroom or meeting setting. Choose between the shorter or longer version depending on your time constraints. The longer version can be used as background information for the presenter, or can be taught one section at a time over the course of several classroom meetings. See ‘How to use the Engage Package’.

Get Engaged PDF – Additional Research Material

A list of websites that lead to more information in the following areas: missions news and media; global awareness and action; missions mobilisation resources and networks; missions opportunities and training. This is not an exhaustive list, but it does represent a wide variety of ministries and organizations to look into.


How to Use Engage Package | TestimoniesOrder

- Create Emerge

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Encouraging Connections

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

So sometimes when you’re walking along in this life of faith with God, you do the next thing you think you’re supposed to, and sometimes you make some mistakes.  And sometimes you do the next thing you think you’re supposed to and you don’t see any results, so you think you made a mistake.  And sometimes, when you feel a bit jaded or discouraged about that, God shows you a little bit of fruit and it encourages you enough to take the next step of faith.

So not too long ago—about a year maybe—our team was talking about going to a missions conference to do some stuff.  We’d been to a few missions conferences, and personally I was feeling a little skeptical.  Was it really worth the time, the money, the investment to go?  I voiced that.  And even though God knew my thoughts before I voiced them, He let me know that He heard, and He wanted to encourage me.

So that day, or the day right after I voiced my skepticism, we got an email from this guy named Ryan. Ryan was about to head off on a big trip with his wife.  We connected with him on Skype and heard his story.  And in his story, there was a little part where our story and his story connected—because of a missions conference.  The stuff we were doing there had encouraged him on the journey of faith that God was calling him to.  And that in turn encouraged us.  Here’s how Ryan describes his adventure:

“Sometimes, the best way for God to prove to us that we are 100% directionless without him is to completely uproot us from everything we hold near and dear and send us on an adventure that we could never imagine for ourselves in a million years. In the spring of 2010, my wife Crystal and I got this insane idea to travel around the world in search of what we like to call “grassroots heroes”. Upon meeting these inspirational men and women who have responded to the call of reaching the most far-flung people and places in the world, we began gathering their stories and compiling them into a video documentary that will, God willing, feed the prayer and missions movement that we are seeing on university and college campuses around the world.

After ten months of traveling in eleven countries throughout Africa and Asia, we got a real taste of what it means to be led by the Holy Spirit. Rarely did we have a clear “go here and do this or that” from God, but we did end up arriving at the front door of many communities at exactly the right time! In some cases we were told that they had been praying for months that God would send a videographer to tell their story! Amazing! At the end of it all we were able to step back and take a big picture look at everything God did and we learned one powerful lesson: one person’s skills, talents and natural abilities, when coupled with the multiplying power of the Holy Spirit, can launch a needy community into something way bigger than they could have ever achieved on their own.”

Below you can watch one of the videos Ryan and his wife filmed during their adventure in Africa and Asia. This particular video highlights a ministry called Hope of Glory Foundation, which focuses on ministering to street children in India.

Watch Video

AB – Create Emerge

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Students’ Response – Pre-Trip Preparations

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

This time last year the Emerge team were making preparations for the YWAM NZ Ship Tour where we spent several months presenting in schools, churches, youth groups, home groups and even to a couple of artist groups. There were many encouraging stories that came from the experience, but one of the highlights would have to be a group of high school students who seemed to be growing in their understanding of missions and showed a real desire to put it into practice.

One year on, this group of students is making preparations of their own. They’re about to head off on a trip facilitated by Missions Adventures, a short-term program designed to give youth hands-on experience. We thought it would be cool to track their journey, and hear some of their expectations, impressions and reflections. Here are a few thoughts from one of the students as they make preparations to go.

“While I feel a trifle unprepared, my excitement and anticipation for this trip is growing. I’ve been concentrating on exams for the last month, but with my last one tomorrow the imminence of our departure this Saturday is beginning to dawn on me. I’m grateful I get to spend my last holidays as a schoolgirl in a third world country with fellow students. For me, this trip comes exactly a year after a similar one to Vanuatu with my church. I’m glad to have had this experience, from it I have a better understanding of how to mentally approach such a trip. To begin with, in Vanuatu, I spent a few days very focused on how I felt about what was happening and the sheer shock of living in a very different situation. On this trip I hope to shift my focus onto what is happening around me and the needs of others instead… and focus on the positives and the knowledge that God has a plan and is a God of love. I have read [one book] and have another book to read which includes the memoirs of the … genocide survivors. I found the book horrifying in many ways and so I feel quite apprehensive about what I will be exposed to over there. I know that I will see poverty like I have never been before and I’m sure that, as a group, it will be difficult to not feel guilty at the contrast between our lives and their lives. I hope that this trip will invigorate each one of us to live a life that is generous and mindful of the blessings we have.”

HL – High school student

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YWAM New Zealand Ship Tour

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Scheduled for Oct – Dec. ’09

Believing for another wave of young Kiwis to the nations.

A Voice & A Wave

In 1982 a voice that challenged and spurred the Western body of Christ to integrity and action, became only an echo as the person behind it was killed in a tragic plane crash. The church reeled at the news of the deaths of Keith Green, his children, and his friends. After the initial shock, Keith’s wife, Melody, felt like God wanted to use Keith’s life and testimony beyond the horrible tragedy. “The Keith Green Memorial Tour” soon began. His call of ‘no compromise’ echoed not only in North America but was carried on a Mercy Ship called the Anastasis around New Zealand in 1983. The Anastasis visited many ports calling people to the Great Commission, and resulted in an unprecedented wave of young people responding to the call to ‘go and make disciples of all nations’. The following year saw missions training programs and bible colleges in New Zealand packed to capacity, and over 1000 young Kiwis launched into missions. New Zealand became the world’s number one sending nation per capita. Today, the discipleship call has not changed, and YWAM New Zealand and Marine Reach Ministries are gearing up to sound the call again.

The Ship

From October to December, 2009, the ‘Pacific Link’ ship will be a hub, traveling to eight different port cities in New Zealand, hosting school group tours, on-board presentations, and city-wide youth events. In the three to four weeks before the ship docks, there will be teams serving in the community, and presenting in various youth venues.

The Tour Vision

“To engage the youth of New Zealand in a mission focused way of life, providing them with training opportunities, challenging their faith and connecting them to the poor and needy of the world.

We believe that God wants to champion His call on every single young Kiwi to make a profound difference in the lives of others. The tour will present a biblical foundation for missions in every sphere; give young people a current visual image of what missions looks like around the world; and provide a gateway for them to engage in missions activity within their local community and the world abroad.”

The Create Emerge Role

To facilitate, train, and provide media resources for the ‘Youth Connection Teams’ which will be focussed on giving missions presentations in Christian high schools, churches, young adults groups, and youth groups.

AB – Create Emerge

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Show the World – Web Teaser

Monday, November 24th, 2008

SHOW THE WORLD From Michael Larson’s, Perfect Love
©2004 ION Publishing admin. by vineyard Music used by permission. www.vineyardmusic.com

A video collage set to a powerful piece of music featuring ‘the least of these’ from around the world and those ministering Jesus’ love to them. You might want to turn up the volume for this one.

Show the World is a 5min music video which is featured on Engage, a multimedia DVD package designed to inform, motivate, and encourage a new generation to engage in the world of missions.

Preview Video | Engage DVD

Tundra Vole – Create Emerge

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